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Dell Server Caddy 3.5

The dell caddy 3. 5 server is a powerful drive caddy that allows you to keep your hard drives in good condition. It has two screes and is 3. 5 inches in diameter. It is made of heavy-duty metal and has a black finish. It is available inweiksly and for 28$.

Poweredge Qty 24
3.5" Drive Tray Bay Caddy w/2.5" Adapter Bracket For Dell PO

3.5" Drive Tray Bay Caddy

By Unbranded

USD $10.48

3.5" HDD Tray Caddy with 2.5" Adapter For Dell R440 R540 R64

3.5" HDD Tray Caddy with

By Unbranded

USD $8.90

Tray 3.5" Poweredge Lot Qty 24


By Dell

USD $4.96

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This is a 3. 5" drive tray bay caddy for the dell poweredge r7425 server. The caddy has a 2. 5" adapter bay on its front and can be used to mount a 2. 5" drive or external drive to the front of the caddy. The caddy is also weatherproof and has a to keep the drive in place.
this is a dell caddy for the dell c1100 c2100 c6100 that features a hard drive bracket to keep your computer's hard drive correct while you're working. The caddy is 3. 5 inches wide, and is made of sturdy materials to support the heavy hard drives.
the dell caddy 3. 5 server is a convenient way to keep your dell servers online. It has a sleek and stylish design, is made in the usa, and features a 3. 5 inch hdd tray. It has a 2. 5 adapter for easy access to your dell r440 r540 r640 r740 r740xd servers. This particular model is alsoloaded with the dell caddy 2. 5 adapter for the dell r440 r540 r640 r740 r740xd server.